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pro-morsi muslim brotherhood. security forces arrest muhammad badi, the spiritual leader of brother hd following announcement jailed ex-prisoner hosni mubarak could soon be released from prison. here in the u.s., confess swirl around cutting aid -- mill taed aid to the country in crisis. >> our ability to influence the outcome in egypt is limited. it's up to the egyptian people, and it will be their responsibility to sort this out. senator ted cruz renounces any claim to canadian citizenship. is the texan republican paving the way for 2016? good day. i'm chris matthews.
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good day. i'm chris matthews. >> and i'm kathleen matthews, along with my husband chris filling in for andrea mitchell. detained or in prison helping the egyptian military tighten their grip on a country facing a very uncertain future at this point. nbc ayman mohyeldin is live in cayk cairo. bring us up to date. >> reporter: certainly the news of the day revolves around muhammad badi, the guide general, supreme leader of the muslim brotherhood for the most part a symbolic figure within the organization. and obviously was someone that the organization looked to for leadership. he was arrested in the early hours this morning and now expected to face charges on inciting protesters to commit acts of violence, including murder. now, that obviously is going to be a major setback fon the
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organization, which has in recent weeks come under severe pressure from the government. some of its senior leaders arrested, others on the run and several members killed or arrested, particularly the mid-level ones that really actually run the organization. earlier this morning after his arrest, the organization quickly moved and appoint add new supreme guy, the number two leader of the organization and an individual considered to be a much more iron-handed figure. you expect the organization to be shifting even more so to the right in the coming months as it tries to reorganize in this ongoing struggle for its survival. >> let me ask you about hosni mubarak, who, of course, was a longtime american ally, stretching over three decades. is there any chance he would be allowed to leave the country? or is he destined to face trial and perhaps conviction for murder? >> reporter: well, he certainly is expected to face a lot of trials in the coming months. he does have one important hearing tomorrow that could be the last one that paves the way for his release.
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she not by any means acquitted of some of the wrongdoings or charges he still will stand trial for including a retrial on the killing of protesters. it is unlikely that if he is released he would be allowed to leave the country. he still would be expected to appear in court for some of the trials. the most likely snare know, if she, in fact, released. that's a big "if" in the coming weeks if he is released, he would perhaps stay in his home and unlikely he would leave the country. >> has it been determined whether the united states secretly has cut off military aid? >> no comment from the egyptian government. is saying it is reviewing its strategic relationship with the united states. they do not comment on the foreign aid they've received and certainly that money which most of it goes to the egyptian military falls under the national security clause of the egyptian constitution, which actually have not under public oversight. it would be very difficult for independent sources to verify
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whether or not that aid has actually been cut, unless the military confirms it. >> interesting to hear our secretary of defense essentially say that the united states really has very little leverage at this point, that it's really up to the egyptian people, from this point on. >> reporter: that's correct. in fact, i mean that's in the context of the large ef developments in the reach be, which is on one hand, arab allies including saudi arabia and other wealthy gulf countries, really stepping up and said to the egyptian government, they will step in and fill any void as a result of any aid cut off, particularly from the u.s. and in addition to that, they've already pledged $12 billion. put that coming out of gulf money against the $1.5 billion that the u.s. gives annually, you get a sense on the comparative level how important the u.s. aid is in the eyes of the egyptian government. keep in mind, obviously, that goes to the military. they enjoy a lot of close working relationships, nonetheless, there are other allies willing to step in and still support the egyptian
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government. it's not as clear-cut. certainly they don't feel the pressure as much given the fact they're getting a lot of support from regional ally es. >> thank have. nbc's ayman mohyeldin our cairo today. and the ambassador joins us here in the studio. this sense of i think an american sense that we're still living in a superpower world where we just, we're puppeteers somehow, since egypt has bon lng our client, because we've given them around and had a long standing relationship with the pro-western government, saddam and mubarak. somehow question control events. i'm with the chuck hagel view. what do you think? they're egyptians. it's their call. what do you think? >> i agree. secretary hagel is right. our influence is limited but it rema remains. we still have influence and it's important to not take actions that limit our limited influence even further. let's remember, this is as process that's going to take a long time to play out and we need to play a long game, not a short game.
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which means we need influence, we need relationships and we should not take steps that unilaterally limit our ability to influence thinking. >> so interesting, though, to see with the potential release of former president mubarak, a point where you could almost be returning to the pre-arab spring egypt with all of this generals and military in control and mubarak essentially released from prison? >> it might look like that. i along with most observers in the middle east believe there's no turning back. that when mubarak left office, egypt fundamentally changed. the question is, what it will look like in the future. i think president obama and the administration is absolutely right when they say they want and america wants inclusive tolerant institutions in egypt. the question is, how do build them, and we -- the way to build them is not to burn them down.
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that's why i think we should retain our strong rlelationship with the military. not because we condone it or agree with it, it's the only power in town. if we going rebuild egypts institution, it's better to rebuild from within than burn them down and start from scratch. simply put, the big state is better than no state. that's the only choice facing us nous. >> countries at odds with each other. israel and the non-secular people, the black costuming people, who really want a religious state's in people in northern ireland who want to be forever a part of britain and others who very much want to be a republic of ireland. here are here want sharia led, real islamic law, political power and other people who are just egyptians who want to live the way egyptians have lived for thousands of years. can they be co-habitating?
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is in a model for them to cohabitate that country? >> that's a question facing every country in the arab world is, what is the role of religion in public life? on the one hand, those who say it should take predominant role. others say, religion has its place, but it needs to be restrained. again, when you arrest the leader of the muslim brotherhood as they did today, that tells you something. it tells you that they want to constrain it. they don't want it to take over everything. but as i said before, this is a process that's going to play out over a long time. remember, egypt is the a country that has never known political pluralism in the sense that people have had the opportunity to influence through political parties and through political participation the future of their country. all of that was made possible with the overthrow of mubarak, and that process is going to take ten years at least to play out. let's be patient.
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let's practice strategic patience as a country and as a policy. >> can you broad didn't to the overall region? >> sure. >> egypt was kind of among the first in the wave of this arab spring. >> uh-huh. >> seen a lot of turmoil and instability in other countries including bahrain where you served for the u.s. government as ambassador. are you seeing a seismic shift in that region? >> right. >> and sort of the impact of governments, like the uae in saudi arabia, actually really being influencing what might happen next? >> oh, absolutely. a very good question. what we're seeing in egypt is emblematic of what's going on in the region. two points to make. number one, look what's happening around the arab world now while egypt is burning. you've got syria, chaos reigning. a total vacuum in libya. nobody running that place. iran, a continuous and very real threat to the reachened and-of-and to the united states and then you have, you mentioned uae, qatar, bahrain, saudi
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arabia, our strongest, longest, most loyal in the region looking to us for guiding. what are we doing? trying to thread this narrow needle of being newt trawl, not taking one side or the other side wharnlgts should we be doing? if the president were here, what would he say? >> i think the president is doing the right thing. i any we as a country need to be clear. where do we and it and what do we want? an example of not doing that is what we're hearing today from senator leahy. the white house told him, administration, we're cutting aid. what does that mean? let's talk about things. second point, in terms of political development in the region. i point to a trend that i find very worrisome. we saw in bahrain in march 2011, in the square in istanbul and now in egypt. what is it? hostage politics. where a political tendency or political party like the muslim brothers and, takes tens of thousands, or hurns of thousands
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of its followers, occupy as strategic artery of the city. block commerce, block transportation, block social interaction, and say to the government, either negotiate with us or remove us by force. i think you talk to any responsible public official in the united states or anywhere else, they would tell you, no negotiation with hostage-takers. happy to engage in a dialogue about political future but not at the point of a gun. >> well, you know, i think we should be loyal to our friends. otherwise, the word will go out -- they'll stop being our friend. >> that's what saudi arabia and bahrain and ua aechlt and qatar are looking for and those the people who stood by us when iraq invaded iran, when iran was fighting kuwait, and our long-term strategic interests i think tend in that direction. >> we were friends with mubarak three decades athtd the president of the united states in that case, george herbert walker bush, take him to baseball games, hang out with him nap friendship doesn't seem to be worth much. thank you for joining us.
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lots happening during this sleepy august recess with the gop presidential wannabe, tea party favorite and possible candidate in 2016, ted cruz is working hard now to distance himself from his canadian birth. >> well, the texas released his birth certificate saying he was born in canada. he's willing to recount any of his citizenship in canada. kathy will want to -- let's start with chris. chris, you know what? i think it's time for the mickey mouse and the rest of this nonsense and donnel troump simply end, and i'll do my nart saying there is no doubt there's
10:17 am
two kinds of americans. natural born and those who are naturalized by a process of becoming a citizen. if you don't have to become gnarlized, you are natural born. ted cruz is natural born, by that definition. native born can mean born in the territory of the united states, but natural born means the second of your birth, you're an american by the fact of your birth, to an american mother. just like in that crazy circumstance that the birthers always pushed that obama was born somewhere outside the country, then he would have been naturally born an american. the irony of this whole thing is, that cruz fits the worst-case scenario recording obama, that he was born to an american mother overseas but is still clearly an american. why don't we all just agree on that and move on? >> i'm with you. i will tell you, if somebody told me that in august of 2013 i would be writing or reading headlines that say, ted cruz renounces canadian citizenship, i would have been somewhat surprised. look, his mother is american, and i would say,
10:18 am
philosophically, part of this country's greatness is that it's a meting pot, we bring everyone in. ted cruz born of an american mother wants to run for the highest office in this land, we had this with john mccain, born in the panama canal zone. >> but that's american territory. that is american territory, and so was bary goldwater born in arizona territory. >> i feel like it's a cul-de-sac issue. i'm amazed. if you read anything from this, excuse me, it's that ted cruz wants to run for president. in case we don't know that. you don't renounce your canadian citizen and sap i always felt i was an american unless you're running for president. >> you just came back from being overseas from your home country in the uk. a little time in the continent. what do they make about this?
10:19 am
and this fphalanx of republican starting to run in 2013 for the next president's race? >> the birth issue, particularly ted cruz. we love american politics because it's bigger than anything else we do. it's more expensive, goes on for longer. the characters, you couldn't make them up. we love the last primary season, because there was michelle bhaun bachmann. we don't have these characters in uk politics. there's that fascination, and a fascination with people like ted cruz. this issue of citizenship among citizenship, i agree with chris. he's an american. he is actually technically also canadian. born in canada. >> a natural born american. >> he's a natural born american. this is a legal issue. nopt like the question surrounding president obama, something to do, something else to do with his foreignness, whether he fitted in with america. that was more -- this is simply a legal issue. >> chris christie, a guy for whatever reasons we'll talk about it, write about him the
10:20 am
next couple of years because he is fascinating pap northeastern guy way northeasterner's attitude. not a common westerner. he's not a tucked up -- not a conservative from the south. he's a regular republican. who comes from new jersey. a blue state. and there he is clearly running for president. >> oh, no question about that. you know, i think he's a fascinating guy. yesterday i -- i ask people, chris christie's analog in past republican politics is who? most people, this is true when you ask, most say rudy giuliani. that's actually, in my opinion, here, not right. rudy giuliani is significantly more of a centrist, liberal, however you want to describe him, than chris christie. he's from the northeast a tough talking guy with a prosecutor background. both giuliani and christie, former u.s. attorney. it's a fascinating case. he is in the northeast, tough and more conservative i think than many think she.
10:21 am
-- he is. the thing that will keep limb in the top tier all wait through, he knows thousand ta s how to average people. we saw it with mitt romney. he just could not communicate with people. couldn't empathize. chris christie innately understands how to do that. >> you think christie is the person that's going to be running? do you think he's got the best chance out there, chris, and weigh in on this as well. >> quickly, kathleen. my top tier at the moment, people say it's too early. look who's going to iowa and new hampshire. it's never too early. christie in the top tier. rand paul in the top tier representing that libertarian group, and scott and -- jeb bush, if he runs, he's the top tier, but those four in a
10:22 am
non-jeb bush field. >> i agree. put christie up there, rubio, rand paul, ted cruz, just talking about it, would like to have a run. i think he has a very limited bandwidth when it comes to the general public, and jeb bush, the person that many republicans in the establishment would love to see running, actually seems to be more focused on his son's police future than his own. all of the reasons he didn't run in 2012 still valid today. his wife, family reasons. issues whether his family would like him to run and, of course, his naming. he says he's very proud of the bush name, even he said, listen, in a countries of these people, pretty odd to have three presidents from the same family. >> thanks very much. and when congress returns from vacation in two weeks it will face comprehensive immigration reform. legislation that had stalled in the house. >> over the recess, some republican representatives actually have come forward
10:23 am
saying they would support a pathway to citizenship. people are wondering, is this a sign of what's to come after they meet with all of those folks in their town halls? joining us from florida, kathy kaefr caster, from the tampa area. thanks for joining us. i would like to know what you're hearing in the town halls as you meet with constituents, and also surrounded by republican members, what are you hearing from the republican members of your florida delegation during this recess? >> it's fairly quiet. a few of my republican colleagues have said they are open-minded, but what's happening right now is they are hearing from businesses across florida, across the country. they are putting pressure on the republicans to take up the senate bill if at all possible, and here in florida, one of the least discussed portions of that senate bill is the job creation
10:24 am
aspect when it comes to travel and tourism. this comprehensive immigration bill will give america a great economic boost. part of that is tied to jobs. job creation in travel and tourism. the state of florida, we have over 1 million jobs tied to tourism. we think the provisions that are not discussed very much, but that will improve travel and tourism, attracting the globe traveler there, leisure dollars to the united states, will help us create jobs. so that's, that industry certainly has been speaking out. >> in all transparency i should remind everybody as i did yesterday, in my day job i work for a big global hotel company, marriott international that has a lot of hotels down there. i know about this. continuing a continuum for visas who want to just visit the u.s. all the way to folks who are part of that illegal group of 11 million who would like all
10:25 am
miltly to have citizenship. you're saying businesses weighed in on this international travel piece. might that sway republicans to support a more comprehensive bill, do you think? >> i think it will, how many jobs will be created by the senate immigration bill. yes, we need the workforce. the people coming out of the shadows, getting on that long, difficult path to citizenship. paying into social security, but we also need to be able to attract the global traveler, and their dollars. in 2010 i was co-sponsor of the travel promotion act. businesses and tourist destinations across the country now are marketing all across the globe to convince the over 1 billion travelers to come to america and spend their dollars. now we need to second piece. we need to modernize america's tourism infrastructure, how they come through airports. how they get their visas. it doesn't make sense if we're marketing, come to america and spend your tourists dollars that it takes six months to obtain a
10:26 am
visa for many allies across the globe. businesses are speaking out. it will be the business community. whether in agriculture, tourism or the highly sk lly skilled ar convincing republicans to take up the senate bill and move on. it will give neshg great economics fwooft we'boost if weo do it. >> look at the map, it's clear there aren't many congress elections held in november. the real fights for congress many seats are held in primaries and republicans have to faces if they do support immigration reform, including a path to citizenship, guarantee they're going to face a primary opponent. why would a member of congress who's a republican and wants to remain a republican member of congress without facing a tough primary opponent again and again and again vote for immigration reform? i just don't see the logic, if you are republican, to support a bill that carries the path to citizenship. >> you know, we don't have many threats here in florida of
10:27 am
primary contests among republican, and, remember if we brought the senate bill to the floor right now it would pass. we have enough republican support. what we need now is the leader to allow the bill to come to the floor. i think with that and with the business community speaking up on how important it is for job creation and bringing this underground economy out of the shadows and into a productive workforce, i think many of the members near florida would be supportive of the senate bill. >> you know the numbers better than i do, congresswoman. unless they get a majority republ republic, they won't bring it to the floor, called the hastert rule. we'll see if he abides by it or doesn't. my smart thinking is the best thing that could happen to the republican party is comprehensive immigration reform as you describe it, gets passed, enacted into law, but the actual member doesn't have to vote for it. you've got the best of both
10:28 am
worlds for every republican. thank you, u.s. congresswoman kathy caster of tampa, florida. thanks for coming on the show. >> thank you. so beau biden, the delaware attorney general and son of vice president joe biden is undergoing tests in a texas hospital today. the younger biden began feeling weak andi oriented after driving to a family vacation spot last week. after seeking treatment at northwestern university hospital in chicago and then by his own doctor in philadelphia, biden was discharged and spent the weekend at home. the vice president traveled to houston to be with his son as he now undergoes some diagnostic tests, but this isn't the younger biden's first health scare. he suffered a mild stroke in may of 2010. this morning, though, he tweeted this photo along with his wife and also a message. he said, touched by all of your well-wishes. thank you, nice evening in houston with halle. will share update when we have it. we also send our best wishes to
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i just made up my mind, so, and i think there's a lot to be done, and you can't, as i said, have a very bad effect on the other members of the family, naturally. so i think i hold a certain -- a certain calmness and encouragement and that's what i try to do. >> that was the inevitable rose kennedy. many tried imthat incredible voice. the five-year anniversary of her son's death, john, the 50th anniversary summicoming up this november. suffered through the loss of four children, starting with joe
10:33 am
junior killed during the war. kathleen killed just after the war. john killed in dallas in 1963 and, of course, bobby killed out in l.a., in '68. of course, the loss in many ways gradually of kathleen because of that lobotomy. actually during the war. >> rose. really it's amazing. continues to be such a fascination with this political dynasty. even amazing to listen to rose kennedy talk in a sound bite like that. there's a new book, "rose kennedy: the life and times of a political matriarch" looks at the life of this iconic woman through a newly released letters and documents that you were able to get access to. barbara perry, great to you have joining us here. >> thank you. >> great to be with you. >> i'll let my husband start. he has a passion for the campaigns. >> i love the -- i worked in the white house for president carter we went outdoors and sat in front of those arthur godfrey old timish gigantic microphones
10:34 am
an spilled every bit of guts we had about the white house. everybody who works there goes through that. the great thing about the miller center. you're well housed at the miller center? >> indeed. i love it. >> rose kennedy was portrayed, has been portrayed, anything i've studied on this, a remote, very catholic in other religion, very dedicated, very believing, put up with all of this horror around her, the loss of a lot of her children. in fidelity of her husband. she put up with a lot of it. what was she like, to use a nice american colloquiallism, as mom? >> the micromanager of that family. she veseeded all the typical female roams. she made the most of those roles and actually helped, in my view, to create that image of camelot we know well. >> how did she build the image? >> portrayed these people as they are children as perfect as she could, because she was very
10:35 am
much a victorian and said i try to make my children as perfect as i can. that was the image racreated in the media for them. joe helped to create through his hollywood experience, but she discern did looking at the details including that wonderful kennedy smile and making sure they were at the orth continue to i679 at every opportunity. >> they all say "can't" the same way. >> who came up with that kennedy accent? nobody else in massachusetts speaks like that? >> it's rose. i was taught by dominican nuns and all say, private car, did you one to school by "private car" walk two-by-two. bet your pautner if you're going to the cau. i felt i was always taught by rose kennedy. >> something to do with your kidses ap business, success, curiosity. did rose actually have something to do with creating these
10:36 am
incredible great figgers that we that went to be become president, ran for president? >> she thought she did. the eulogies i'm sure you remember said she did. eunice came forward and said at dinner time we were always talking about current events. also mother was the groom aaron of the family. the speller in the family. again, the person looking at the details of the family. so she took care of all of those things including their health up until the major issues hit, as you know, with jack and rosemary. >> what about the weird habit not letting the kids have their own room? every time they came home she would assign them a bed? one thing kathleen and i are proud of. our kids. i don't care how old they get, they'll have their bedroom with their wife or husband. come home and have that room. >> like a hotel. >> thank you, kathleen. it was aub slightly like a hotel. like a boarding house. in that sense, just completely boisterous.
10:37 am
writing in the memoir how chaotic it was. >> his memoir. >> i took french in lhigh schoo. what did rose do? talk about not always being there. if she wasn't in paris she was down on the beach in a little prefab cabin she built so she could gelt away from the noise and hubbub. a paradoxiccal woman at one point taking care of all the details, at other times completely removed. >> let me ask an important question. i spent time in my life with famous names and i don't believe in blood. i don't believe because your dad and mommy were significant and did something great, i don't any ap bell einstein kids will be albert einstein juniors or the british monarchy is anything more than a thing that is fun to get the tourists in the house. so how did she manage to do something so rare in america or in life have the great joe kennedy succeeded by the great
10:38 am
john kennedy, the great bobby and teddy? second generation aren't so successful. look at the roosevelts. disasters. the churchill kids, randolph, disaster. their kids, with all their flaws were great people. including the shrivers, certainly. is that her? >> yes, i think so because she was taking care of you a the details and moreover, the fitzgerald side of the family. it teddy was like anyone, he was like honey fits. grandpa fits. >> new and loved him well. >> and quick, philanthropy. did that come from joez a family through even the third generation so focused on philanthropy and giving back. >> joe senior set up the foundation. teddy said don't forget what my mother did for the mentally retarded called when his sister was diagnosed and yes, raised millions of dollars. spent the last third of her life raising money for special
10:39 am
olympics. >> a way of honoring what was done wrong with rosemary. >> yes, indeed. >> good luck with the book. the season of the commemoration of the loss of jack kennedy. but i am one who believes anything you can read about the kennedys is worth reading, that's interesting to us. i don't believe in dynasty, except in this case. bar brash perry, thank for joining us. break news. moments ago at the white house briefings deputy press secretary josh ernest addressed the question about military aid to egypt reiterating any reports of aid being cut off are just untrue. take a lyn. listen. >> providing foreign assistance is not like a spigot. you don't turn it off on on our up or down like a faucet. the decision to cut off aid would be announced after that were completed. i'm trying to be as candid what exactly our policy has been. it starts with little things. tiny changes in the brain.
10:40 am
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we continue with more breaking news and reports of a possible shooting at an elementary school in georgia. you're looking right now at live pick commerce outside of mcnair discovery learning academy, in decatur, georgia. officials sell nbc news there is an ongoing situation and that the police chief is on the scene. school officials, however, would not confirm a shooting or that an active gunman was on the scene. the pictures show what appear to be children escorted to an area near a fence outside the school. on what appears to be the school grounds. we will continue to follow this story and we will bring you the latest details as they come in. and coming up here, inside the script of hollywood's latest blockbuster, talking to the screenwriter of "the butler." a great movie. we saw it this weekend. it's coming up next. ♪
10:44 am
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following breaking news of a reported shooting in dekalb county, georgia. want to join our affiliate wxia reporting one suspect in custody there on the scene there. so let's listen in to their report. >> -- parents showing up getting blocked long before they get to where we are standing right now. the only folks i believe that are standing around us now are neighbors. people who actually live right here on second avenue. that are -- caught up in the action, trying to figure out what going on for themselves as well. >> okay. rebecca, thank you very much. a bit of good news -- >> kids, giving them a big hug. >> certainly are. i believe you. a bit of good information to pass along as we are now approaching 45 minutes since the first, the call went out of shots fired and ronald mcnair
10:48 am
learning academy elementary school. a spokesperson for dekalb county police says there have been no injuries in this incident. no injuries in this incident whatsoever, and that one suspect is in custody. so that's incredibly good news, and should be quite reassuring to terrified parents. untsabl understandably terrified finding out that something happened at their school today. 875 students at the school will be taken to the walmart on russian road where parents should head to be reunited with their student. it was sometime before 1:00 today when a man entered the school armed with demands. the only demand we have been told about is a demand to talk to a local television station. now the first report of shot it's fired, we still do know not if at any time this dpun was fired. witnesses thought they may have heard shots. bust the good news from dekalb press with just received within
10:49 am
the past few minutes, there are absolutely no injuries. all students and faculty at ronald mcnair learning academy in dekalb county are safe. there are no injuries. the students, it will take a while. all 870 of them, are being taken to the walmart. where parents should go to reunite with their child. still, an incredibly heavy police presence outside this school. if you try to go pick up your child, you are not going to get past the barricades. the road is shut down a half mile back from the school. there's the first bus leaving now. taking students over to the walmart on russian road to be reunited with parents. that is where, if your child goes to school, you need to be heading to that walmart right now. duffy, do you have anything? >> reporter: just pointing ow-of-out what you poircnt ud o. the business is going to the walmart on gregs road. when we looked at the kids and where they are outside the school, they're formed in small groups. i imagine counting them off how
10:50 am
many can sgee a bus at a time. it will take a while for the buss to get out of that area, because there are so many police cars and other authorities on-scene. again, for any parents who are starting to watch this, it is very important that it is very important that if you go try to pick up your children, they are being bussed out of this area over to the walmart on gresham road. we are being told that this school also goes by the name of -- >> this is a live feed from our affiliate wxia on a shooting in dekalb county, georgia. looks like all the kids are safe. eugene allen depicts the struggles during a civil rights era. >> that movie debuted at number one at the box office, raking in $25 million. "the butler" is already generating oscar buzz. danny strong is the screen writer of "the butler." i know chris had a chance to
10:51 am
interview some of the actors and director yesterday on "hardball." we saw the film sunday night. i understand this started with a "washington post" story, and somehow that turned into this brilliant screen play. tell us about that. >> yeah, thank you so much. i'm so thrilled you enjoyed the movie so much. it started off as a profile in "the washington post" about a white house butler named eugene allen. our late great producer, a real legend in the industry, optioned the article and brought it to me and asked me if i could turn it into a movie. i was really overwhelmed by it at first. it was, where did you begin, how do you do this? i knew there was potentially something really special there because the idea of a filling about a white house butler meant that we could be in any room in the white house at any time throughout history. so the whole concept of that was -- well, throughout the
10:52 am
history of the time he was in the white house. the whole concept seemed really delicious and could be a really powerful film. i felt like, i got to figure this out. >> first of all, you're a hell of a screen writer. i love "game change." i think you were the expert. in fact, you owned the monopoly on the inside story about what politics is really like. i've spent my life in it. it's not about giving speeches. it's not about debate performances and inaugural addresses. it's what goes on behind the scenes. you are an expert at it. >> thank you. >> how do you write, however, for -- and this is not negati negatively. i'm impressed. an african-american family. you're a white guy. how do you get into that cultural setting that's so historically different from our own? in the sense they've been through the slavery period. they've been through jim crow. they've been through the lynchings. they've been through the family trouble that are probably to some extent inflicted on black families because of what their history has been in this country. how did you get in there so well? i think you did a good job.
10:53 am
i have to talk to more african-american people, but i think you got into something i wasn't familiar with, which is the historic experience of black america, not to put it too big. >> sure. again, thank you so much for all those kind words about the other movies. as far as my approach on this particular project, it was the same as my approach on any project, which is i do a lot of research. i interview a lot of people. then i just sit down and i do the best job i can. when i wrote "game change," sarah palin was one of the lead characters of that film. i'm not a woman. ic i was not a governor of alaska. yet, i was able to write that character. i would say i identify with the character of cecil and lewis gaines much more than sarah palin. it's just the job of the writer to figure these things out. also, on this project i had lee daniels as the director, who is an african-american man, who had tons of wonderful ideas as far
10:54 am
as adding authenticity and depth to the world and to the characters. we collaborated on the script for many years as writer/director. it was a wonderful collaboration. >> i also understand you got a chance to interview eugene, the real butler, and his son. did forest whitaker just nail him? did he really get it right? >> sure, forrest whitaker did an amazing job. that's just one of our great, great american actors. you know, as far as the character goes, it's very much inspired by eugene allen, the white house butler, but he's more of a composite character. i interviewed other people that worked at the white house, other butlers, other ushers, engineers, chief ushers. i also read multiple memoirs of people that worked at the white house. i combined all of these stories to create the character of cecil gaines. that's why we changed the name from eugene allen to cecil gaines. i would say the essence of that character really is the else seasons of eugene allen. i was honored to get to interview eugene allen before he passed away. i remember asking him -- i knew
10:55 am
the movie was going to be about the civil rights movement. i asked him how he felt about the civil rights movement as it was happening. he said, i was too old for it. i really think that in that answer the creation of the character cecil gaines -- he was really born in that moment. that really became somewhat of the heart of the character in the movie. >> well, you have so many great characters in this movie, danny. i think the screen writing must have brought them to life. oprah winfrey was fabulous. >> amazing. >> forrest whitaker is unbelievable. you had cuba gooding pop off the screen. so many academy award nominees in that movie. thanks for joining us. great screen writing. hell of a movie. a great story of the african-american experience. anyway, i'm impressed. >> thanks very much. well, that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." i think i'll see you back here tomorrow again with chris. it's been a lot of fun.
10:56 am
>> we'd like to have you back. tonight on "hardball," i got actor eric banner coming on. tamron hall has a look at what's next. >> we're following breaking news out of atlanta. shots fired at an elementary school. officials say a suspect is in custody. we'll have a live report from atlanta as school has just started in so many parts of the south and will start throughout the country. a scene like this obviously bringing terrifying reminders to all of us. we'll be right back. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of. this is pretty easy, and i see it works on hotels too. you bet. now if you like that, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet? hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the news nation is following breaking news out of atlanta. decat decatur, georgia, specifically. shots have been fired at a school in the area. right now the affiliates there reporting, thankfully, no injuries at ronald mcnair
11:00 am
discovery learning academy. about 800 students attend school there. school started a week ago yesterday in the area. what we know right now is the gunman is in custody. according to reports, he entered the building and demanded someone at the school call a local television station and police. the suspect has been described simply by race as a white male. those are all the details we have there. this obviously brings up so many emotions as school has just started in the south and will be starting throughout the country moving in the week ahead. to see hundreds of children evacuated under these circumstances, absolutely chilling. there are some 800 students there. no injuries at this time. the complete motive of why this individual would walk into this school and what escalated to the shots being fired, we're getting those details as we speak. but a dekalb county school official i says the suspect is in custody

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